The FIAPF accreditation at a glance

In the busy film festivals ecosystem made up of 3000+ active events, the FIAPF accreditation is the unique trust contract between festivals and producers to the benefit of festivals themselves and the films.

Accredited Festivals Directory

A trust contract between festivals and producers

The FIAPF accreditation program is a trust contract between festivals and producers, which ensures that films benefit from the best possible promotion and visibility.

For producers, sales agents, filmmakers, the accreditation guarantees that the best interests of their films will be respected. For festivals, the accreditation is an unrivaled quality and reliability label.

A global and diverse community

Through its four distinct categories, the FIAPF accreditation program gathers a genuine global and diverse community, which includes the most prestigious film festivals as well as more intimate festivals held in emerging production countries.

This diversity is a valuable asset for structuring the ecosystem and preparing it for future challenges.

Multiparty and peer governance

The FIAPF festivals community is coordinated by the Festivals Committee, which is made up of ten accredited festivals elected by their peers and four industry representatives.

Festivals (sorted out by country) : Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Festival de Cannes, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival.

Industry stakeholders: Luis Alberto Scalella (President of FIAPF and Chair of the FIAPF Festivals Committee), Wouter Jansen (Square Eyes), Stanford McCoy (Motion Picture Association EMEA) and Samia Zaman (International Film Initiative of Bangladesh).

A unique platform of exchanges

FIAPF offers a unique platform of reflection and knowledge sharing between festivals and between festivals and the industry.

Although competition may be fierce between festivals, this aspect is set aside in the general interest of the community that exchanges views and knowledge in dedicated panel sessions on key topics.

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