Film and TV productions are part of the daily lifeof billions of citizens across the globe

While the stories we tell inspire them, our very unique role is accompanied by a responsibility: being committed to take its role in current and future social preoccupations and being at the forefront of innovation.

Diversity and Gender equality

Promoting gender equality and diversity, be it ethnic, cultural, social or grounded in religion, age, sexual orientation or disability, both on screen and on set is a priority for producers across the globe and increasingly gains support and commitment among the entire film and TV sector. FIAPF itself embodies the fantastic diversity of our sector, welcoming producer organizations from all corners of the world, including both developed and emerging countries. In Europe, FIAPF has been at the forefront of gender equality since 2011, when we worked together with trade unions and other trade organizations to develop a Framework of Actions on Gender Equality specific to the film and TV sector. The Framework was  reviewed in 2023  and continues to provide important guidance to sector-wide efforts. The updated EU Framework of Actions is launched in May 2023 and can be found here.

Download Updated EU Framework of Actions on Gender Equality
Good Practice Handbook & FAO Gender and Equality

Social dialogue

Making a film or TV programme involves many creative and technical contributors. The type of contracts varies, but all have a contractual relationship with the producer and many contributors are directly employed on a specific production. As an industry, many jurisdictions foster social dialogue between employers and employees’ representatives.

FIAPF is committed as a platform of exchange dealing with labour relations for its membership. In Europe, FIAPF also represents film producers in the EU Audiovisual Social Dialogue Committee, whose goal is to promote the optimal conditions for social dialogue to flourish in the EU27.

Health and safety

FIAPF partnered with trade unions and other trade organisations in developing an online tool for supporting producers when assessing health and safety risks on set.

The instrument was designed with the European Union’s legislation in mind, but has value also on other continents.

Visit it here.


Film and TV producers are at the forefront of technological innovation across production and distribution. FIAPF works to encourage a safe and secure online environment, where audiences can enjoy high-quality content without being exposed to illegal and harmful content, including (but unfortunately not limited to) the scourge of online piracy.

Strong antipiracy enforcement is critical to this effort. Digital identifiers are also important technological elements to support the development of our sector to the benefit of audiences and all film and TV production contributors; FIAPF is a founding member of ISAN.


The audiovisual sector has been at the forefront of the public awareness of the effect of global warming.

Across the globe, many producers’ associations have taken actions to reduce the environmental footprint when shooting.

Film and TV producers are committed to further improvements. This is just a start.