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Who we are

FIAPF, representing film producers across the globe, is doing its part to assist in designing and promoting conditions for the widest diversity of films and TV content to continue to reach the screen after the crisis.

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Producers' Insight

The creative and business role of producers

Producers are well known in their financial role of investing in film or TV scripted programmes.
But this is just the top of the iceberg.

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Hot Topics

Covid-19: Preparing for a vibrant future on screen

Even as the work of the film and television sector is helping to enrich and sustain cultural life in a world under social restriction, the pandemic continues to deal a heavy blow to our businesses and workers.

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Festivals matter

International film festivals are not only important contributors to the cultural, economic and social development of the territories where they are established, but they are also an essential link in the film industry ecosystem.

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Maintaining and growing a thriving film industry requires the continuation of supportive policies, including strong copyright laws that protect creators, enforcement measures to reduce piracy, and production incentive programs to encourage investment.

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