Festivals as key partners

Festivals are key assets for the film industry. International film festivals are not only important contributors to the cultural, economic and social development of the territories where they are established, but they are also an essential link in the film industry ecosystem.

Filmmakers recognition

Film Festivals offer filmmakers wider recognition for their work by spreading by word of mouth among critics, cinephiles, and audiences.

Emerging production

Film Festivals unearth new talents and help structure emerging production zones. They create business opportunities for films that have not yet secured agreements for commercial exploitation or only for some territories.

Building ecosystem

FIAPF’s role is to support festivals’ efforts to deliver the best experience for producers, the industry, and local and global audiences.

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Accreditation Program

A longstanding trustworthy relationship between festivals and producers for the sake of films.

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Find out about the international film festivals accredited by FIAPF.

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