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Cookie Policy

Updated at 01/01/2023

The present Cookie Policy rules the use of cookies and other trackers (such as, social media pixels) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Cookies”) by FIAPF (“we”, “our”, “us”).

When you visit our website (, its subdomains and directories (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Website”), a variety of information may be placed or read by your machine via our use of Cookies. By “machine”, we refer, among others, to your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The present Cookie Policy forms an inherent part of our Privacy Policy, which can also be found on our Website. The purpose of our Cookie Policy is to provide you (hereinafter the “User”, “you”, “your”) with all the necessary information regarding the placement and use of Cookies on your machine when you visit our Website. The policy additionally aims to let you know how we, as well as third-party service providers use the Cookies to collect information about you.

Please note that Cookies may be placed and read by your machine as from your first visit to our Website. We refer to articles 4 and 5 of our Cookie Policy for more details regarding any choices you have regarding the management of the Cookies on your machine.

1. How do we use Cookies?

A. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on or read by your machine when you visit our Website.

We use Cookie to allow us our Website to collect information relating to your visit. The information collected by the Cookies additionally helps us to improve your experience on the Website and to inform us on your specific needs and preferences in that regard.

Cookies generally do not contain personal data allowing us to directly identify you. However, the personal data we collect and hold on you may be linked to the information collected by the Cookies in order to achieve the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.

Should you wish to receive more information regarding Cookies, please refer to or

B. Why do we use Cookies?

Some of our Cookies are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our Website. These are for example Cookies allowing the Website to remember your preferences regarding how pages are displayed on the Website based on your browser type. When you visit our Website, we may also use certain Cookies allowing you to remain logged in when browsing from one page on the website to another.

Other Cookies on our Website are merely used to improve our services and your user experience while browsing. These Cookies may for example remember your past visits to our Website, remember whether or not you clicked on certain buttons, or follow your use of certain pages on the Website. More generally, they allow us to use the collected information in order to improve our Website and services.

The Cookies we use, may additionally refer to Cookies detecting fraudulent activities in order to allow you to safely visit our Website.

2. Types of Cookies

A. Distinction based on ownership

A distinction can be made based on the person or entity owning the Cookie found on our Website. Our Website uses both first-party and third-party cookies.

  • First-party Cookies are placed on your machine directly by the Website.
  • Third-party Cookies are placed on your machine by other websites or services. The third-party Cookies are generally used to give you access to additional Services on our Website. Please note that we are not the owners of these Cookies and that we only exercise limited control over them. The functionalities and modalities of these Cookies are for the most part subject to decisions of their owner.

Below you will find additional information regarding the websites and services of third parties placing Cookies on our Website. We additionally refer to the cookie policies of these third parties so that you can take informed decisions in relation to these Cookies.

Third Party Cookies used on our website :

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”), to help us understand how our Site is used. Information about your use of our Site, including your IP address, may be transmitted to Google and stored on their servers. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the Site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the Site, where visitors have come to the Site from and the pages they visited.

  • VOD Infomaniak

Vod Infomaniak is a web service for online videos streaming service.

  • Egnyte

Egnyte is a web service for share and securely store files online.

Our Website, in addition, makes use of social media pixels (Facebook and Twitter). When you visit our social media pages or otherwise share content on or with such social media, these third-party services may place Cookies on your machine. You can use the following links to obtain more information regarding the use of Cookies by these third parties (Facebook, Twitter)

B. Distinction based on the purpose

Cookies may be distinguished based on the purpose for which they are used. Below you will find a detailed table setting out the different purposes of the Cookies found on our website.

Category of use Description Example
Strictly necessary Cookies Strictly necessary Cookies allow you to navigate our Website or allow us to provide certain features necessary to its functioning. Without these Cookies, our Website would not be able to provide its basic functions and would therefore not properly operate. 

These Cookies are pre-enabled as they do not require your consent. You are however free to switch them off (for more information, scroll down to article 5).

Cookies allowing the content of a webpage to load quickly and properly.
Functionality Cookies These Cookies improve your experience by retaining your preferences and the choices you make on our Website. Cookies allowing to remember your language preferences on  website.
Performance Cookies These Cookies help us gather data about how you use our Website and enable us to improve the performance of our Website. Cookies helping us to gather statistical data on how you use our Website, such as the time you spend on a page, which pages you visit, etc.
Marketing Cookies These Cookies are used to gather information about you and display ads that are relevant and engaging for you, so that our Website can be better tailored to your interests and needs. These Cookies can follow you when you use other websites since they are usually installed by third parties.

Our Website does not show advertising. However, certain information relating to your visit may be collected and used by third-party Cookie owners for displaying advertisements on other websites.

Social media Cookies.

C. Distinction based on duration

Cookies may be distinguished based on the duration for which they are stored before they expire. In terms of duration, we may use two different types of Cookies on our Website:

  • Session Cookies: These Cookies are temporary Cookies that remain on your device until you leave our Website; and
  • Persistent Cookies: These Cookies remain stored on your device for much longer or until you manually delete them (how long the Cookie remains on your device will depend on the duration or “lifetime” of the specific Cookie, as well as your browser settings, as set out below).

3. Which Cookies do we use?

A. Strictly necessary Cookies (functional)

Name Provider Purpose Retention period Type
Email_id This cookie is necessary for login to the private area on the website. 24h HTTP Cookie
Session_id This cookie is necessary for login to the private area on the website. 24h HTTP Cookie
uncode_privacy Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain. Session HTTP Cookie
Wordpress_cookie Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain. Session HTTP Cookie
Jsessionid Used by Egnyte cloud service Session HTTP Cookie

B. Performance Cookies

Name Provider Purpose Retention period Type
_ga (Google Analytics) Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 2 years HTTP Cookie
_gat (Google Analytics) Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate. 1 day HTTP Cookie
_gid (Google Analytics) Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 1 day HTTP Cookie

C. Marketing Cookies

No marketing cookie.

4. Consent

You have the right to refuse the placement of Cookies, or the Cookies being read by your machine. Below, we set out some options you have at your disposal in that regard.

A. Cookie settings tool

When you visit the Website for the first time, you will be prompted to accept or refuse the use of Cookies on our Website by way of the Cookie banner (“Cookie Banner”), after which the banner will disappear.

You can resummon the Cookie Banner at any time to recalibrate the Cookies you wish to be placed on or read by your machine. This can be done by clicking on “Manage consent” while on the website.

B. Cookie management in your browser

You may also restrict or disable the use of Cookies through your web browser. It is possible to delete currently installed Cookies on your device. Each type of web browser offers ways to be notified about, to restrict, and to delete Cookies. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to learn how to block the storage of Cookies:

If you use multiple devices to view and access our Website, such as your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., you may have to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your Cookie preferences. Please note that if you choose to restrict or disable the use of Cookies through your browser, some areas of our Website and/or our Services, as well as the features, may not function as intended.

5. Your rights

Should we collect personal data through our Cookies, please note that there are certain rights which you can exercise. For more information regarding the exercise of your rights, we refer to the applicable article in our Privacy Policy.

Should you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us as indicated below.

6. Contact us

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or should you have the feeling that your interests are not or inadequately represented, you can address all your questions to us at the following email address

7. Changes to the Cookie Policy

We may bring adaptations and improvements to the Cookie Policy from time to time. These changes will mainly be made to account for new case law and practices developing in the data protection field, and in order to ensure your control over your personal data.

The most current version of the Cookie Policy will always be displayed on the Website and can be requested via On top of this Cookie Policy, you will be able to check the date on which we last implemented changes to the policy. Please contact us should you wish to consult earlier versions thereof.

8. Governing Law and jurisdiction

This Cookie Policy shall be governed by – and construed in accordance with the laws applicable in Belgium.

You have the right to file a complaint with the competent data protection authority, being the authority in the Member State of your habitual residence, your place of work, or the place of the alleged infringement of the applicable Data Protection Legislation. Notwithstanding the previous, the lead data protection authority is the Belgian Data Protection Authority (“Autorité de protection des données” or “Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit”), which can be reached via the following means of communication:

  • by following the instructions and filling in the form accessible via this link;
  • by sending a letter to Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium;
  • by calling the following number +32 (0)2 274 48 00;
  • by faxing to +32 (0)2 274 48 35; or
  • by sending an email to